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Historical Sites of Kojonup – details of old historical sites, GPS reading, family names and owners of sites.

Pensioner Guards

Following is a list of known Pensioner Guards who came to Kojonup. Ten men have the Lot number (eg P1) of the ten acres of land that was granted to them – along with 15 pounds to help them establish a farm in the Kojonup area. The date refers to when they are believed to have taken up the land. Some of these men added to their land and settled in the community with their families. Others left the district, did not take up land or were satisfied with their smaller blocks.


Sergeant John Tunney – Sergeant in Charge Albany, bought P6 and P12 in May 1863 and the family settled in the district. Thephoto of this Pensioner Guard in uniform is believed to be the only photo of these men in uniform.

  • Sullivan Timothy (P1) – 1852
  • McDonnell William (P2) – 1852
  • Reilly Michael (P3) – C.1853
  • Noonan William (P4) – C.1853
  • Forsythe Ambrose (P5) – arrived pre 1853, granted block 1862
  • Caffrey Thomas (P6) –C.1853
  • Loton Robert (P8) 1861 – Corporal
  • Newstead Nathaniel (P9) mailman 1852 – acquired block later.
  • Shinner Daniel Gleeson (P10)
  • Weir William – after 1861
  • Goodbody Mather [Martin] 1865
  • Watts James (P7) – C. 1868
  • Ford John 1869-74
  • Bates John
  • Hubble W.
  • Weeny
  • Rock